We offers technology consulting and systems/application development services. Our company was founded by Chad DeMeyers and Matthew Corless in 2006. Accenda has resources in Atlanta, GA and Augusta, GA and we offer services across the entire Southeast.

Accend(a) – v. t. [L. accendere, accensum] to ignite, to kindle, to be white, to gleam, to set on fire [Obs.] — Fotherby.

At Accenda, we plan to:

  • Remain a boutique technology consulting company that focuses on our customers’ needs – we will never grow for the sake of growth and we do not plan to support (or claim to support) every technology under the sun
  • Build lasting relationships with our customers – we will strive to meet or exceed your expectations
  • Treat your problems like they are own
  • Maintain a very high level of customer satisfaction – this is the best path to sustained success and we know it
  • Provide top-notch services at an affordable price – our model is one that promotes high utilization
  • Be open and honest with our customers – if there is something we cannot do, we’ll tell you

Our success has come from first understanding our clients’ processes & needs and then the application of the right technology by the right people. We start by asking simple questions:

  • How do you, the customer, envision using the application?
  • What are the process inputs and outputs?
  • Can/Should the process be improved or altered? Will doing so add business value?
  • What platform & technologies best suit the situation? Why?
  • How should the application be secured?
  • Will the customer be able to maintain the applications/systems when the project is complete?
  • What workflow notifications will compliment the application?
  • What reports are necessary and how should they be delivered?

Meet The Founders

Chad DeMeyersCo-Founder
Chad DeMeyers began his career in IT in 1996. After earning an MBA from Georgia State University, Chad took a position with Universal Data Consultants in Atlanta. In 1996 Lotus Notes was quickly becoming “the” groupware and collaboration platform of choice for business. While at UDC, Chad became a Lotus Notes/Domino Principal Certified Lotus Professional (PCLP).

The following year, Chad joined two of his UDC counterparts to help start Eagle Technology Consultants. While at Eagle, Chad served first as a Consultant and later as Sales Director. Chad helped grow Eagle from 5 employees in 1997 to more than 25 employees in 2005. That year, Eagle Technology Consultants was acquired by Optimus Solutions. Chad served as a Solution Sales Representative during his 14 months at Optimus. While working at Eagle and Optimus, Chad was involved with many different projects and technologies – from Lotus Notes to Java, .NET, BlackBerry and more.

Today Chad is the President of Accenda Consulting. While he missed his friends and former associates in Atlanta, he is happy to be ‘back home’ (he certainly does not miss Atlanta traffic). Chad lives in Richmond County, is married and has two children.

Matthew CorlessCo-Founder
Matthew Corless began his career in IT in 1994. Matt’s first IT job was with IBM. Matt left IBM in 1997 to work at Eagle Technology Consultants (which was eventually acquried by Optimus Solutions… see Chad DeMeyers’ bio to the left). There Matt gained most of his experience. Matt started off as a Lotus Notes/Domino developer but was quickly introduced to new technologies and platforms such as Java, .NET, SQL Server, Crystal Reports, Microsoft Reporting Services, ESRI (Geo-Spatial mapping) and miscellaneous data integration and web technologies.

Matt moved up the ranks at Eagle quickly, becoming a Senior Consultant and a Practice Manager in Washington DC. Matt eventually moved back to Atlanta and was put on a financial development project for a large retail conglomerate.

Matt spends his free time working on home improvement projects and taking his dog for swims in the Chattahoochee. He, at the age of 44, also enjoys his XBOX. He did not want me to include that… but I snuck it in anyway. Matt lives north of Atlanta in Roswell, GA.

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